Weber q1400 vs q2400-Which is the better electric grill?

Weber q1400 vs q2400
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Grill enthusiasts are often more interested in electric grills due to the growing gas and charcoal grill limitations. If you want to enjoy outdoor grill parties with electronic grills like other grillers, you can try the best grills from a popular brand called Weber. To meet the growing demand for electric grills, the brand has come up with two great grill machines called weber q1400 vs q2400.

Considering the convenience of using the grills, some practical applications are added to these grills with internal key features. The Weber Q1400 vs Q2400  machines have some exceptional features that will give you a distinct advantage in cooking. In this case, those who need a large cooking area to organize more meals at a big party can use the Q2400.

In addition to this discrepancy, many other features make the Q2400 quite attractive. On the other hand, customers prefer the Weber q1400 electric to offer better benefits in terms of price and portability.

These grills are discussed in detail in the review to help you choose the grill with your convenient features from Weber Q1400 vs Q2400. The review also features detailed and comparative discussions of the features of the grills as well as user experiences.

Why should you pick Weber Q2400?

The Weber Q1400 vs Q2400 comes with both functional design and all the features required to provide good grilling results. But considering the more cooking space and easy control, most users prefer the Weber Q2400. On the other hand, those looking for a grill with almost the same features on a low budget put the Weber Q1400 grill at the top of their list of favorites. 

Although we look almost the same, why do weber Q2400 more effective? If you have any such confusion in your mind, observe the discussion below to clear it up.

  • Outdoor parties usually require a large kitchen. In this case, the Weber Q1400 machine for cooking brings a 189-square-inch cooking area and the cooking area of the ​​Weber Q2400 grill machine is 280-square-inch which is 91 square-inch more than Weber Q1400. That means the Weber Q2400 should be ahead when it comes to the cooking area. On the other hand, the easy transfer of the grill to outdoor parties is an important issue where the Weber Q1400 is more convenient.
  • One of the things that customers pay more attention to when choosing a grilling machine is the ease of assembly and use of the machine. Weber Q2400 comes with a BILT application to give extra benefits in this case. Although the Weber Q1400 grill does not have any such features, its usage method is also hassle-free.
  • Both grills have heating elements to provide accurate temperature control and are made of stainless steel. Reviewers are quite satisfied with the Weber Q2400’s temperature distribution efficiency in creating the perfect grilling meal, which has boosted customers’ enthusiasm for this grill.


This means that the Weber Q2400 is the best option for you if you are more focused on features or functionality without considering the price. 

On the other hand, the Q1400 grille is no less in part. This lightweight grill offers great benefits to your outdoor parties by carrying the features of the best grill at a low price.

What are the common features of Weber q1400 vs q2400 grilling machines?

Although there are two different models of grills of the same brand, they have some common features which are briefly discussed below:

  • Both Q1400 and Q2400 electric grills are great for outdoor cooking because these grills create the perfect taste and aroma in food by creating smoke during cooking.
  • These grilling machines use a heating element with a power capacity of 1560 watts which is made of stainless steel.
  • Suitable temperature system required for fast cooking, in this case, both grill machines are capable of distributing 5300 btu heat using Infinite control burner.
  • A removable catch pan is included on both the Weber Q1400 vs Q2400 grille for easy and hassle-free cleaning.
  • None of these grills have a thermometer to measure the temperature. In this case, you can use a separate thermometer that can be controlled remotely.
  • Despite the robust structure, both grills come with a 5-year warranty to gain customer confidence.

Weber q1400 vs q2400 Comparison Table


Weber Q-1400

Weber Q-2400 

Product Dimension

23.5 x 27 x 20.5 inches

23.5 x 27 x 20.5 inches

Item Weight

29.5 lbs

42.5 lbs

Cooking Area

189-sq inches

280-sq inches

Heating Output

5300 BTU/hour

12,000 BTU/hour

Built-in Thermometer



Folding Side Table



Lid & Body

Cast aluminum

Cast aluminum




Catch Pan






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What users are saying about weber q1400 and q2400?

One of the ways to get the right idea about a grilling machine or any product is to observe the user experience.

So in this review, we have tried to highlight the user experience about Weber q1400 vs q2400, where most of the users describe their positive real experience about the machines.

Users said in their experience that the weber q1400 and q2400 grilling machines look almost identical but differ in size and weight. As a result, they have different advantages in outdoor parties. According to them, the Weber Q1400 is light in weight and can be easily moved anywhere to outdoor parties. On the other hand, the Weber 2400 has more cooking space so more food can be cooked at the same time for more people at the party. 

Despite being an electronic grill, users are quite satisfied with the taste and smell of smoke from both grills. They think these grills are much more upgraded than their predecessors for ease of use. Weber q1400 vs q2400 grill machines are designed in such a way that all the important features including portability, adequate cooking space, good cleaning system, easy control system, required heat supply come together.

No side tables were provided in these grills for portability. Many think that a removable table would be beneficial in both cases. Although these machines do not include any thermometers they are compatible with separate probe thermometers.

Based on Amazon’s great rating points and the positive experience of most users, it can be confirmed that the Weber Q1400 and Q2400 are really the best.

What are the different and identical features used in weber q1400 and q 2400 grills?

Weber q1400 vs q2400

Design & Build Quality

Many changes have been made to the design of the Weber q1400 vs q2400 grills to make them more comfortable and efficient than their predecessors. The smart design of these grills includes an aluminum heat liner, two ergonomic handles attached to the frame for easy control in cooking, and good results. Also, all the grills are a built-in double wall to distribute the heat evenly.

Materials like cast aluminum, stainless steel, and glass-reinforced nylon give this grill a strong structure as well as increase its efficiency many times over. The weather-resistant lids of these grills protect you from rust and keep you worry-free. You can easily clean their body made of stainless steel material. This means that the design and build quality of these grills are so perfect and planned that you will not get a chance to complain.


In the case of outdoor grilling, the most important thing that grillers pay attention to is the portability of the grill, as the grill needs to be moved during outdoor grilling. These compactly designed grills are elegant in size and very light in weight. The Weber Q1400 Grill measures 23.5 x 27 x 20.5 inches and weighs just 29.5 pounds.

On the other hand, the Weber Q2400 grill is 25.1 x 31.5 x 26 inches which can give much more cooking space than Q1400. The Q2400 grill weighs 13 pounds more than the Q1400 due to its slightly larger size. Both grills use high-quality plastic handles for easy carrying that have not been used in their predecessor grills.

Cooking Area 

If you are a member of a small family then you should have a grill with less cooking area. On the other hand, if you want to organize a large batch of food, you need to look for a grill with more cooking areas. weber q1400 and q 2400 The amount of cooking area of ​​the grill is different which is 189 and 260 square inches respectively.

The Q1400 cooking area is ideal for a 2/3 member family, where about 6 burger patties can fit effortlessly. And if you want to fit a maximum of 12 burger patties, then the Q2400’s large cooking area is right for you. On the Q2400 grill, you will find 6 to 8 chicken breasts cooking space at the same time.

Adequate temperature

Convenient dial control settings are needed to keep your favorite cooked food warm and perfect. This feature is effective on both Weber q1400 vs q2400 grills. These grills also have aluminum liners that control the heat level of the grill while retaining heat. Grills deliver 5300 btu of heat using a 1560 watts power source for timely or quick-cooking.

Although the lids made in Cast aluminum do not have a thermometer, both grills are compatible with separately purchased probes. Due to the small size but the same amount of heat, food can be cooked faster on the Q1400 grill than the Q2400.


The performance of a grill depends on the functional features of the grill, including the cooking area, heat generation, and retention capacity, easy control, and cleaning. Proper use of these properties makes it possible to cook delicious and fragrant food. Weber q1400 vs q2400 grilling machines bring all the epoch-making features to provide the best results in the cooking of grill enthusiasts.

These features include a 1560 watt power source capable of generating 5300 BTU of heat, tolerable portability which is the first demand of outdoor grillers, an adequate cooking area which is the main feature of the best grills. These grills have won the hearts of the users by applying maximum performance of each feature. If you want to be confident in the performance, put Q1400 and Q2400 at the top of your list.

Easy to assemble and use

The Weber Q1400 and Q2400 machines are proud of their easy assembly and easy-to-use approach. The Q2400 machine comes with a BILT app feature that helps you assemble the machine in just a few minutes by giving step-by-step instructions.

On the other hand, you can follow a few steps to assemble the Weber Q1400 grill. In this case, firstly tighten a few screws, then put the cooking grids in place and simply plug in after replacing the drip pan under the grill. Then You can cook the food of your choice by controlling and monitoring it by applying the right temperature.

Cooking Grates

The cooking grates of the Weber q1400 vs q2400 grilling machines use porcelain-enameled which we also observe in the other best grill grates. All the heat from the liners is reflected in the grates and later it provides energy to the food. The ingredients used in cooking grills ensure the long durability of these grills.

Easy to clean

Both Weber q1400 vs q2400 grills come with disposable grease pans to avoid cleaning hassle at the end of grilling. This feature is quite effective in capturing all liquids like oil or fat. This makes the greased pan washable and removable for reuse. Covered with porcelain dishes, these grills are easy to clean due to the split design, Which we also noticed in Weber q2000 vs q2200


The Weber Q-1400 and Q-2400 grill machines come with a separate warranty facility for the maintenance of each of their features which plays an effective role in gaining customer confidence. In this case, the manufacturers give a 5-year warranty for the body of the grills, cooking grid, and heating elements. There is also a 2-year warranty for repair if other parts are damaged.

Frequently Asked  Questions about weber q1400 and q 2400 grills

Which grilling machine is the best in terms of portability and why?

Both Weber q1400 vs q2400 grills are designed with easy portability. But in answer to the question of which of these is the best, we put the Q1400 ahead. Lighter in weight, this grill comes with two ergonomic handle features for easy carrying.

What are the arrangements for checking the temperature on Weber Q1400 and Q2400 grills?

No thermometers were included in the lids of these grills to check the temperature. However, they are compatible with separate probe thermometers, so you can remotely check the temperature during cooking.

Which of the following Weber Q1400 vs Q2400 can cook more food at the same time?

The Weber Q1400 and Q2400 grills have cooking space of 189 and 280 square inches, respectively. Since the Q2400’s cooking space is 91 square inches larger than the Q1400’s, it will allow you to cook more food at the same time. That means you don’t have to worry about extra cooking space when cooking for large batches.

Why are grease trays used in Q1400 and Q2400 machines?

Grease trays are used on both machines to keep the machine clean by retaining oil, grease, and fat drips. Also, since these trays are removable, you can wash and reuse them if you want.

What is the warranty of Weber Q1400 and Q2400 machines?

The main goal of the manufacturer is to gain the trust of the customer in selling the product. With that idea in mind, despite being durable, the Weber Q1400 and Q2400 come with a 5-year warranty for machine maintenance.

Final Word

At the end of the comparison and review of Weber Q1400 vs Q2400, we can say that both the grills provide good results using significant features. The Q2400 is ideal for you if you agree to spend money on features that give you extra benefits, including extra cooking.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the benefits of portability and fast cooking again at a low price, then the Q1400 is the best option for you. So buy the best electric grill according to your needs and usefulness without delay. Hopefully, after watching the review you have been able to clear up all your confusion about Weber q1400 vs q2400.

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