Weber Performer Premium Vs Deluxe- Reviews in 2021

Weber Performer Premium Vs Deluxe
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Almost all types of grills Come with close features considering the speed, price, and quality, which provide good results in cooking. But if you consider the taste,  beating charcoal grills is not easy. There can be no better alternative than a charcoal grill to maximize the taste of food. The Weber Performer series brings two charcoal upgrade models to give you the classic grilling experience known as the Weber Performer Premium and Deluxe.

Weber Performer Premium Vs Deluxe comes with some unique features that make it easy for customers to choose the best charcoal grills. These grills have several functional features to affect the taste of grilled food directly. However, when asked to select the best of them depending on the type and functionality of the features, experienced users or experts are more encouraged to use the Weber Performer Deluxe grill.

What is the secret behind these best charcoal grills? Or which of these is suitable for you? To get an answer to such a question, take a look at our Weber Performer Premium Vs Deluxe review, which discusses their different and identical features as well as their advantages /disadvantages.

Why would Weber Performer Deluxe be best?

Weber Performer Premium Vs Deluxe

Despite having several identical features, some additional features add variety to the functionality or demand of these grills. Both the grills show good cooking skills, but you have to choose one of the grills as per the requirement.

In this case, we suggest you use Weber Performer Deluxe Review. Why is Deluxe considered the best despite having almost the same features? To find out, follow the brief discussion below.

  • The key difference between Weber Performer Premium Vs Deluxe is the Touch N Go ignition system. This upgrade feature of Weber Performer Deluxe makes it more efficient than any other. A small propane bottle is attached to the ignition system that illuminates your charcoal. You will not need a separate mill or lighter as it has the facility to light the grill at the touch of a button.
  • The Performer Deluxe grill features a built-in thermometer and a removable backlit LED timer that gives the unit versatility and helps it cook properly.
  • Weber Deluxe’s ​​four distinct color available features set it apart from Performer Premium. It is available in four colors, including crimson, black, green, and copper. On the other hand, Weber Premium is only available in black.
  • Due to the wide charcoal storage bin and comprehensive table quality and convenience, users prefer Performer Deluxe over Weber Premium.

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Comparison Chart – Weber Performer Premium Vs Deluxe Grill


Weber Premium Grill

Weber Deluxe Grill


43.5 x 30 x 48 inches

30 x 48 x 43.5 inches

Weight (lbs)

91 Pounds

91 Pounds

Cooking Area

363 square inch

363 square inch

Side Table



Touch-N-Go Ability



Color Option

One Color (Black)

Four Color

Ash Catcher



Bowl and lid material

porcelain-coated steel

porcelain-coated steel

LCD Cook Timer



Charcoal Baskets



Charcoal Storage Bin




2 AAA batteries

3 AAA batteries


Ten years

Ten years

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What Are The Differences and Similarities Between Weber Performer Premium Vs Deluxe Grill?

Size And Weight

These grills come in significant sizes to give you the best in space-saving alternative thinking that makes your kitchen or space more elegant. In this case, the deluxe grille comes in 30 x 48 x 43.5 inches, which is smaller than the premium step. On the other hand, With a 43.5 x 30 x 48 inches measure, Weber Premium captures all the features perfectly. So with this grill, you don’t have to face any problem with the size of your kitchen.

Perfect Cooking Area

Both Weber Performer Premium vs Deluxe grills come with 363 square inches of cooking coverage, which can serve four to six people regularly. These grills provide 22-inch-diameter porcelain-enamel bowls for medium-sized meals. With a cooking space capable of holding up to 13 burgers, these grills allow you to enjoy your favorite dishes. These kettle-style grills also include painted metal tables for preparation and storage space. If you want large space of grill then you can try Broil King Baron 440.

Heat Control

A compelling feature to increase productivity in cooking is to provide the right temperature. Since heating is a crucial factor for charcoal grills, these grills bring heart control technology to maintain the accuracy of the heating system. Regular heat levels need to be checked to maintain the temperature balance in the cooking. In this case, these grills have the feature of including a thermometer in their lid.

Gourmet Barbecue System (GBS) Grate

An upgraded feature of the Weber Performer Premium and Deluxe Grill is the Gourmet Barbecue System. The rods of the GBS Great are kept very thick to increase the efficiency of the grill. It also has removable hubs to accommodate some cool accessories.

Mounted Timer

Every step of cooking with time and attention can bring you the best taste. In this case, the Weber Performer series grills come with a Mounted Timer feature to help you with everything you need. This convenient feature will help reduce your stress while cooking. It is a removable LCD timer so that you can place it on the table at your convenience. It is effortless to use by scheduling.

Built-In Grill Table

Performers come with a metal side table to make cooking easier and keep extra equipment at hand. This side table can hold several large rib slabs that extend the work surface to allow the user to work comfortably.

Cleaning Process

Both Weber Performer Premium vs Deluxe grill features one-touch cleaning, which makes their cleaning task much more accessible. Made of aluminum stainless steel material, these are not too troublesome to clean. Also, all the debris and ashes can be removed instantly with the help of a removable ash catcher for convenient cleaning.

Touch N Go Ignition System

The main distinguishing feature of Weber Performer Premium Vs Deluxe is the Touch N Go Ignition System. Weber Deluxe carries this vital feature to automatically perform all tasks attached to a small propane bottle sitting at the bottom of the grate. In this process, you can quickly light your charcoal by touching an ignition button.

On the other hand, Weber Premium does not have this feature, so matches or lighters must be turned on manually. However, the taste or quality of food is not inferior in any part because their other characteristics are the same.


Weber Performer Deluxe comes with a generous warranty package to earn the trust and confidence of the customer. It comes with a full ten-year warranty for all other parts, including a five-year warranty for plastic components and a patented ash cleaning system.

In contrast, despite the durable structure, the Weber Premium Grill offers a great warranty of 2 years for one-touch cleaning systems and a total of 10 years, including for other components.

Final Verdict

At the end of the comparison about Weber Performer Premium vs Deluxe, we can say that these grills with almost the same features deliver their activities efficiently. Most users prefer Performer Deluxe because of the variety of colors and the added benefits of the ignition system. 

Both grills can be an essential addition to your kitchen, considering the features and functionality, if you want to gain experience with these grills of your choice, order online now and share your grilling experience with us.

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