Weber Performer Deluxe Review- Is it better than Master-Touch?

Weber Performer Deluxe Review – Compare with Master-Touch Grill
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The Weber brand gained considerable popularity for its quality and features. With a focus on the needs and preferences of grillers, Weber has introduced several Charcoal Grills to the market, one of which is discussed in detail in our Weber Performer Deluxe Review.

Known as the most recognized, respected, and coveted charcoal grill, this grill comes with all the necessary features including a gourmet BBQ cooking system. This grill combines all the functional features with the added convenience of providing a smoky taste. It has a table-mounted version for easy use and to avoid the hassle of having extra equipment. All the features that are added to the control system of this grill for quick and easy cooking are discussed in detail in Weber Performer Deluxe Review.

Weber Performer Deluxe Review also compares its features with other grills as well as highlights the opinion of experts. If you are interested in gaining experience with this grill then get the right idea about the grill from Weber Performer Deluxe Review.

Is the Weber Performer Deluxe worth the money?

  • The Weber Performer Deluxe grill is specially designed based on the needs and preferences of the customer.
  •  The special features, including the 363-square-inch cooking area as well as the gas ignition system, are rarely found together in other grills.
  • It comes with great features like One-Touch Cleaning System and removable ash catchers for easy cleaning.
  • Other grills require the purchase of a separate side table for the convenience of cooking but in this case, it is not necessary which is affordable for you.
  • This grill has almost all the features for making delicious food or for easy cooking which is justified considering its price.

There are many more features like this, which makes this grill better than other grills of equivalent. So according to users and experts, this grill is worth considering its price.check price

If you want to get a better idea about its features and functionality, follow our full review.

Comparison Chart- Weber Performer Deluxe Vs Master-Touch Charcoal Grill


Performer Deluxe

Master-Touch Charcoal


30 x 48 x 43.5 inches

42 x 24x 29.5 inches

Weight (lbs)

91 Pounds

37.25 Pounds

Cooking Area

363 square inch

443 square inches

Side Table



Gourmet BBQ System



Built-in thermometer



Color Option

Four Color

One color(Black)

One-Touch Cleaning System



Bowl and lid material

porcelain-coated steel

Plated steel

Charcoal Baskets




Ten years

Ten years

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Expert opinion about  Weber Performer Deluxe review

Weber Performer Deluxe Review

To get a clearer idea about the Weber Performer Deluxe grill you can take the user experience or expert opinion of this grill which we have tried to highlight in this Weber Performer Deluxe Review.

Users can give you an accurate and practical idea of ​​how many times a week this grill can be used or how easy it is to use. Grill experts say Deluxe offers a large working surface as well as a variety of additional features that make it an outstanding grilling machine.

Its huge cooking area has the opportunity to grill 13 burgers at once which is enough to feed 6 of you. It is compatible with the Gourmet BBQ system for a variety of cooking options and convenient grilling.

Compared to the traditional method, its push-button lighting system seems to be quite effective for users to illuminate faster. However, due to the limitations of the removable timer, many users feel that this grill needs more updates. 

With ample space, well-controlled temperatures, easy cooking, and a clean system, this grill are included as one of the best high-end options on the list of users or experts.

Features and functionality of Weber Performer Deluxe

What’s the secret behind the Weber Performer Deluxe grill being the best charcoal grill? Learn more about its features and functionality to answer that question.

Design and Build Quality

With excellent design and great build quality, this performer grill has gained a lot of popularity. It is designed in such a way that a convenient amount of workspace is kept which will make your cooking work much easier.

Porcelain-enameled bowls and heat-resistant plastic handles with lids play an important role in temperature distribution and protection. This smooth grill allows the kettle to be placed on a cart instead of three legs, making it more adaptable to the environment. This grill of aesthetic design wins the mind of the customer by its features and control methods.

Touch-N-Go Gas Ignition System

This grill machine comes with a Touch-N-Go Gas Ignition System feature to start cooking quickly and easily. This technology is very effective to get rid of the hassle of using matches or lighters. In this process, you can easily light a gas burner under the briquette with the shaking of a switch. As a result, your hands do not get a chance to get dirty. 

It is fueled by standard disposable small propane bottles which you can find in most stores. Using this system, heat the coals with propane flame for 5 minutes then the coals can increase their quickly and easily heat. The process will reduce the time behind your cooking and allow you to spend time on other tasks.

Prep Areas

Cooking on a grilling machine requires an extra surface to hold sauces/drinks while flipping your burgers or to prepare food on time. In this case, Weber Performer Deluxe provides a work surface area on its right side that is heat-resistant. 

This surface area is strong and weather-resistant which can be easily cleaned with a cleaner. Also because of its lightweight, you can easily move the setup. There is also a convenient space (CharBin) at the bottom of the grill that can be used to store coal as well as garbage cans.

Ease of Use

This grill takes about 60 minutes to assemble. Once set up you can rest assured of its use or effectiveness. The setup is very smooth which will allow you to do it effortlessly and easily.

A special feature of this grill is the touch-n-go ignition system where you can finish your cooking in just a few minutes by pressing a button. Also with great features like twin coal baskets and GBS you can easily cook your favorite food.

One-Touch Cleaning System

A difficult and tedious task in the case of grilling is to clean the grill machine. To get rid of this problem, Deluxe has come up with a One-Touch Cleaning System.

High-capacity and removable aluminum ash catchers have many convenient features for throwing and cleaning the ash. Also, it is not very difficult to clean the grates after use.

Temperature & timer

These Weber Grills have a built-in lid thermometer to adjust the heat which helps you to cook at the right temperature by ensuring the amount of temperature during your cooking. However, we suggest you use a separate digital thermometer which is more convenient.

This grill comes with an expandable backlit LCD timer along with its other functional features. Although users do not find it very effective, it does not affect the design of the grill.

Warranty and Support

These Weber charcoal grills come with a great warranty to win the trust of customers. There is a 5-year warranty for plastic components and a 10-year warranty for the lid. There is also a 2-year limited warranty for the remaining parts. If there is any defect in the machine or it needs to be repaired, you can take the service as per the terms of the warranty.

check price

If you’re still hesitant, check out more details from the Weber Performer Premium Vs Deluxe review.

Frequently Asked Questions about Weber Performer Deluxe 

Q: What comes with the Weber Performer Deluxe?

A: This grill has all the functional features as well as an aesthetic design for quick and easy cooking. Features include Touch-N-Go Gas Ignition System, One-Touch Cleaning System, Side Table, Built-in thermometer, and Charcoal Baskets. It is also available in Four Color so you have the opportunity to choose the color of your choice.

Q: Does this charcoal grill fit in the kitchen?

A: Measuring 30 x 48 x 43.5 inches, this charcoal grill will look great in your kitchen or yard. As well as its extra area will make your cooking work easier.

Q: What features does this grill have to keep clean?

A: One-Touch Cleaning System and removable ash catchers make a great contribution to the cleaning system.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the Weber Performer Deluxe Review, we can say that the impressive features of this grill are much more effective than other grills. If you want to have the best experience with this grill with ease and variety, collect it now without delay.

If you’re still confused, you can check out Weber Performer Premium vs Deluxe Review for a more clear idea. We hope you enjoy the Weber Performer Deluxe Review for all the information you need to know about your grill.

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