Weber 310 vs 315 Review in 2021– Which is best and why?

Weber 310 vs 315
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There can be no substitute for a grilling party to enjoy the rainy or summer holidays. For grilling enthusiasts like you, Weber has appearances with two grilling machines called Spirit E-310 and Genesis II E-315.

From these grill machines, you can choose anyone according to your choice and required features. However, in this case, you may be a bit confused because both grilling machines come with almost identical features. So to clear up your confusion we have described the features of the machines in the Weber 310 vs 315 reviews.

These Weber brand grills fetch all the functional features to make your grilling easy and comfortable. Most users prefer the Weber Genesis II E-315 grill because it offers more cooking space for faster and more grilling.

Watch the detailed discussion to make your decision easier when choosing the right grill between Weber 310 vs 315 Grill.

Why Weber Genesis II E-315 is the best?

Most of the features of Weber 310 vs 315 are identical but lifestyle grillers prefer Genesis II E-315 grill for high quality and extra functionality. In contrast, the Weber Spirit E-310 is ideal for those who focus on money rather than extra features. Watch the brief discussion below to get help on choosing the right grill from these grill machines.

  • If you are thinking of cooking for more people at your grilling party then you can go with Genesis II E-315. Because it brings 669 square inches of space for cooking where you can cook many dishes at once. As opposed to, if you have no objections to the cooking space, the Weber Spirit-310 is suitable for you which provides 529 square inches of space as a cooking area.
  • Both grilling machines use three stainless steel burners to generate heat. However, the value of their btu is different. In this case, the Spirit-310 provides 32,000 BTU of heat per hour. On the other hand at the same time, Genesis II E-315 distributes 39,000 BTU of heat Which is much higher than the E-310.
  • Both Weber 310 vs 315 grills provide good results in terms of ease of use and quality. However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of extra features without worrying about money, observers will advise you to use Genesis II E-315. It is quite popular as the best grill machine for lifestyle grillers.


Based on the review of the mentioned features, it can be said that although most of the features of both the grills are the same, most of the customers are aware of Weber Genesis II E-315 for higher temperature and cooking area. Because if you use this grill for large batch cooking, you don’t have to worry about alternative cooking areas.

Similarities features of Weber 310 vs 315

To provide good grilling results both grills come with a few similar features which we have discussed below for the convenience of review.

  • Although the BTU levels vary, the number of heat-producing burners in both machines is the same. They use 3 stainless steel burners to provide proper heat.
  • Both Weber 310 vs 315 grills have side tables to avoid the hassle of storing extra equipment. In this case, the side table of Weber Spirit E-310 is foldable which helps in easy carrying.
  • Both grills are compatible with iGrill 3 Bluetooth thermometer technology for accurate temperature control.
  • Weber 310 vs 315 grills feature Flavorizer Bars to make your favorite food delicious and fragrant.
  • Grills are included in the Grease Management system for easy cleaning and capture of cooking residue.
  • Both grills have cooking grates that are made of porcelain-enameled material for preparing textured food. And since these grates are non-stick, they can be easily cleaned.
  • Although made of durable material, the manufacturers offer a 10-year warranty for the maintenance of both grills.


Comparison Chart-Weber 310 and  315


Weber Genesis II E-315

Weber Spirit E-310

Product Dimensions

31 L x 59 Wx 62 H inches

32 L x 52 W x 63 H inches

Item Weight

152 Pounds

130 Pounds

Number of burners



Flavorizer Bars






Cooking Area

669 square inches

529 square inches

Warming rack area

156 sq in

105 sq in

Side Tables



Ignition type




Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Cooking grates



iGrill 3




Propane, natural gas

Natural gas




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What are the key features of  Weber 310 and  315?


Weber 61015001 Genesis II E-315 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

Convenient size

Both the Weber 310 vs 315 grille come with elegant-sized designs that fit well in your kitchen. The Spirit-310 grille measures 32 L x 52 W x 63 H inches and the Genesis II E-315 measures 31 L x 59 Wx 62 H inches which means that the grills are close in size. On the other hand, the Weber 310 and 315 grilling machines weigh 130 and 152 pounds, respectively. This means that from this difference in weight you can easily understand which grill is convenient for you in terms of portability as like Weber Performer Premium Vs Deluxe.

Adequate Cooking Area

The maximum amount of food that can be cooked on a grill depends on the cooking area of ​​the grill. So before buying a grill, have an idea about the cooking area of ​​the grill which is suitable for cooking food for your family members. Weber 310 vs 315 offers a distinct advantage in terms of cooking area.

If you want to make meals for your medium or small family, the Weber 310 will give you a total of 529 square inches of cooking space. On the other hand, if you want more cooking facilities for the big parties outside, the E315 is ideal for you which will help you with the 669 square inch cooking area, Where you can grill 20 hamburgers at once. Also, its 156 square inch warming rack is great for keeping food quality right.

Grease Management

Grease management is an efficient system that allows you to easily keep the kitchen clean in a hassle-free manner. In the interest of safety, it is kept under the cooking box, so there is no possibility of a fire in Greece.

Stainless Steel Burner

Both Weber 310 vs 315 grills come with 3 stainless steel burners for quick cooking or providing the right temperature. Although the number of burners is the same, their heat distribution levels are different. Where the Weber 310 delivers 32,000 BTU of heat per hour, the E315 can deliver 39,000 btu of heat at the same time.

iGrill 3

The right temperature is needed to cook the food of choice properly. And a functional thermometer is needed to verify the correct temperature. Both Weber 310 vs 315 Grill feature compatibility with the iGrill 3 Bluetooth thermometer to verify the exact temperature.

You can use this feature to check the temperature of the grill from your phone using an app. There is an opportunity to connect four temperature probes to the phone.

Side Table 

The Spirit E310 Grill brings a stainless steel side table to relieve the hassle of storing extra equipment Which is foldable. As a result, it gives you extra benefits when transferring. On the other hand, the side table on the Genesis II E-315 grill has 6 tool hooks for storing the necessary tools as well as cutting meat or vegetables.

Flavorizer Bars

Who doesn’t want his favorite food to be delicious and fragrant? Considering the needs of grill enthusiasts, Weber 310 and 315 add Flavorizer Bars to add flavor to grill dishes. These are added in such a way that they do not come in contact with grease, grime, and dirt.

Safety features

Flare-ups are more likely to occur if Greece gets stuck in burners or grates for any reason. The Genesis II E-315 grill is specially designed to protect against this bad situation. The safety design of this grill features a grease collection system that is easy to clean.

An angled tray can also be attached to the bottom of the burners to make the grease funnels into a disposable tray. On the other hand, the Spirit E310 Grill comes with a federally mandated device as a safety measure that will detect gas leaks and reduce gas flow from the main.


The grills are not very portable due to their heavyweight. So you need to take the help of your friend or someone else to transfer these. But they have large wheels to drive them which are big and there is a system to replace them if they are damaged. As the size of the grills is a bit large, make sure there is enough space before moving it.

Cooking grates

The grates of both grills are great as they are made of a combination of enameled porcelain and cast iron. The Genesis II E-315 grill has two interchangeable grates. The grates of this grill are non-stick which is easy to clean. On the other hand, the grids of Weber Spirit E310 are compatible with flat surfaces for delicious textured foods.


Both Weber 310 vs 315 grills are made of durable material that ensures their quality and durability. However, Weber offers a 10-year warranty on these grills to maintain customer confidence in the product.

If any defects in the grills are identified within this specified period, they will be replaced or repaired following the terms of the warranty. It is good to know that if your used product breaks down for any reason, it cannot be replaced under warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Weber 310 vs 315

Q: How many burners are used to distribute heat in the Weber Spirit E-310 grill?

A: Like the other best grills, the Spirit-310 grill can deliver 32,000 btu of heat per hour using 3 stainless steel burners.

Q: Why are side tables used in Weber 310 and 315 machines?

A: Side tables play a very helpful role in keeping extra grilling equipment during cooking. The Weber 310 vs 315 grills have a stainless steel side table with tool hooks and folding facilities, Which we also noticed in the Weber Performer Deluxe Review.

Q: Is there any protection in the Weber Spirit-310 grill?

A: This grill has a federally mandated safety device that detects gas leaks and reduces the gas flow from the mains to ensure safety. Also, the catch pan is kept at a safe distance from the burner to avoid accidents.

Q: What is the temperature control system of the Genesis II E-315 grill?

A: This grill machine has a well-controlled heat supply system to prepare delicious food with proper control in cooking. This grill is quite admirable to the customers for its 39,000 BTU heat distribution.

Also, this machine is compatible with the iGrill 3 Bluetooth thermometers for accurate temperature monitoring. As a result, you can easily check the temperature of the machine with the help of a mobile app.

Q: What accessories are available with the Genesis II E-315 grill?

A: The Genesis II E-315 grill comes with a number of accessories to enhance its functionality or efficiency that you can purchase separately if you wish. Accessories attached to this grill include folding tables, tool hooks, and extra drip trays. This machine is also compatible with rotary and monitoring systems that you can purchase and connect separately.

Final verdict

At the end of the Weber 310 vs 315 reviews, we can say that both grills come with all the features suitable for providing good grilling results. You can use Genesis II E-315 Grill if you want more cooking without considering the price. Conversely, if you want to be satisfied with a small cooking area suitable for your family then the Weber E310 is more effective for you.

Easy to use and clean method makes these grills quite popular with the users. Users are also quite satisfied with their safety measures and effectiveness. If you have already used these grills, you can share your experience in our comment box to help new customers get ideas about this. Hopefully, Weber 310 vs 315 reviews will help you choose the right machine from Weber Spirit E-310 and Genesis II E-315 Grill.


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