Traeger Ridgeland 572 Vs Pro 22 – Why Traeger Pro 22 would be best?

Traeger Ridgeland 572 Vs Pro 22
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As a grill enthusiast who doesn’t want to experience the most efficient, durable, and impressive grill? In this case, the grill’s name that comes first to provide maximum results in your cooking in taste and smell is the Traeger brand which does not require any separate introduction. Traeger has developed two popular pellet grills with great outdoor activities and a touch of modernity discussed in the Traeger Ridgeland 572 Vs Pro 22 review.

The Traeger Ridgeland 572 Vs Pro 22 grills are different series grills, but they come with almost the same features and functionality in each case. These grills bring almost equal capacity for all types of cooking, including barbecue. But yes, some notable features help to consider grills differently. Due to the many similarities, customers are often confused about which one is best for them.

Which of these grills is more effective for you and why? For a simple answer to such a question, take a look at our Traeger Ridgeland 572 Vs Pro 22 review, where these grills are discussed in detail.

Why Should You Go For Traeger Pro 22?

  • The Traeger Pro 22 comes with a strong structure in its incredible design and great features that set it apart from other pellet grills of the equivalent.
  • Digital control or easy cooking with good smoking is one of the reasons for the popularity of this grill.
  • It comes with a digital probe thermometer to control how fast or slow you want to smoke and roast. Proper use of temperature gives maximum results in cooking.
  • It has two meat probes, and temperature read-outs can be seen through the connection of a digital controller.
  • The Traeger Pro 22 grille is cheaper than the Traeger Ridgeland 572 with similar features or benefits.

Having all these advantages or features, experienced users or experts identify it as the best pellet grill and advise customers or grillers to use Traeger Pro 22.

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Comparison Chart-Traeger Ridgeland 572 Vs Pro 22


Traeger Ridgeland 572

Traeger Pro 22

Cooking Area

572 sq. in.

572 sq. in.

Maximum Temperature



Meat Probe

Dual meat temperature probes

Dual meat temperature probes

Fold-down prep shelf



Hopper Capacity

18 lbs.

18 lbs.

Grate Type



 Wi-Fi support




Digital Pro Controller

Digital Pro Controller


Black, Cinnamon, Copper, Graphite

Bronze, Blue




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What are the similarities and differences between Traeger Ridgeland 572 Vs Pro 22?

Traeger Ridgeland 572 Vs Pro 22

With the slightest difference, these grills come with almost the same features that we mentioned earlier. To facilitate the acquisition of ideas, we  discussed their different and identical parts in detail below:

Aesthetic design

Everyone loves these grills at first glance for their aesthetic design and size. The elegant size and functional features did not leave any gaps in any of these grills. Customers are confused about differentiating between them as they provide almost the same benefits in terms of cooking space. 

Traeger Ridgeland 572 Vs Pro 22 grills fit anywhere in your kitchen or backyard. Considering the portability, users prefer the Traeger Pro 22 grill, which is relatively lighter. Both the grills have different color options from which you can choose the color of your choice. In this case, Traeger Ridgeland 572 comes with four, and Traeger Pro 22 comes with two color options.

Delicious and smells great

Traeger Ridgeland 572 and pro 22 pellet grills are gaining popularity because of their ability to bring 100% natural flavor made of wood to meat dishes. The grills have advanced digital pro controls to keep the food quality and taste right. It allows you to cook quickly at a maximum temperature of up to 450ºF. There is also a set temperature of up to 15ºF to make the meat soft and delicious.

Easy To Use

One of the reasons why users are so interested in these grills is because of their friendly usage. When purchasing a grilling machine, grillers consider the device’s ease of use. The functionality of these easily accessible grills is very similar to that of ovens.

Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for cooking. The first thing you need to do is fill the hopper with pellets. The second step is to turn it on, and the last step is to set its temperature. For the rest of the work, you can rely on Treagers.

Cleaning And Maintenance

It is difficult to clean the machine after enjoying the food cooked in the grilling machine. So a notable thing when buying a grill is how easy it is to clean. If you care about your health and the durability of the grill, then you must keep your grill machine clean. 

Both Traeger Ridgeland 572 Vs Pro 22 machines come with the same cleaning system, which is particularly handy. In this case, both grills have outdoor hopper cleaner where you can get rid of ash and unused shells by touching a button.

Cooking Performance

In terms of efficiency, none of these grills are inferior. These grills provide the best results in every field, including intelligent design, functional features, versatility in cooking. An adequate cooking area with a perfect strategy is excellent for medium or large batch cooking, keeping you away from alternative thoughts.

In the 572 square inch cooking space, you can accommodate about four chicken or 24 burger patties. There is a sufficient temperature for fast cooking and setting the temperature between 15ºF for slow cooking. Versatile grilling feature for the grill, bake, bridge, roast, and barbecue is a favorite of customers.

The Pro 22 has almost all the features of the Traeger Ridgeland 572 except for the foldable prep shelf feature. Also, essential elements like 18 lbs hopper capacity, meat probe, and probe thermometer increase the performance of these grills.

What users are saying about Treasure Riesland 572 vs Pro 22

One of the ways to get accurate information about the grill is to gain an idea about the user experience. Users have mixed reviews about Traeger Ridgeland 572 Vs Pro 22, where most users like these grills.

Appreciating the friendliness, the users are also satisfied with the simple cleaning system. They said that these grills provide outstanding performance in cooking due to their comprehensive features and advanced design. The built-in durable and solid materials ensure the durability of these grills. However, since the exterior materials are not made of stainless steel, many people are worried about rust or breakage.

Experienced users claim that if the service and delivery process is further upgraded, there will be no room for anyone to question the flaws in these grills. Moreover, experts think that these grills are more suitable for new grillers.

Frequently Asked Questions  About the Traeger Ridgeland 572 Vs Pro 22

Q: Does Traeger Ridgeland 572 have WiFi?

A: No, since this grilling machine is among the oldest models of treasures, It does not have modern features like wireless control.

Q: What is the system in Pro 22 for accurate temperature determination?

A: The Pro 22 comes with two temperature probe features that provide an accurate idea of ​​the temperature by attaching them to the meat inside the grill.

Q: What are the warranties of Treasure Ridgeland 572 and Pro 22?

A: Both the Treasure Ridgeland 572 and Pro22 provide a three-year warranty for repair and maintenance.

Final Verdict

At the end of the review of Traeger Ridgeland 572 Vs Pro 22, we can say that both grills achieve customer satisfaction by their performance or service. Although it doesn’t come with fold-down prep shelf features like the Ridgeland 572, the Traeger Pro 22 is relatively affordable

If you want to gain real experience with these grills, collect from the online market now. Otherwise, check out our following reviews if you want to get acquainted with the more modern featured grills.

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