Traeger ironwood vs Timberline (2021)- Which is Best and why?

Traeger ironwood vs Timberline
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Are you looking for an answer to a question such as which Traeger’s grill is best? Or What is the subtle difference between the features of Traeger ironwood vs Timberline? Then you have come to the right place. In this Traeger Grills Reviews, we described the answers to all such critical unknown questions.

First of all, let me tell you that Timberline and Ironwood are the same famous brand products. As a result, these grilling machines come with many similarities, including timers and super smoke modes. However, there are some subtle differences between the size of the grills and their construction so that you can compare them differently. While having almost the same features, Ironwood’s price is relatively low.

If you want to get a clearer idea about Traeger ironwood vs Timberline features, then watch the whole discussion where the differences are discussed and give a comprehensive view of ​​the specification of both grills.

Why Must consider Traeger ironwood?

Some additional features and benefits attract customers to ironwood 885. Why do new or experienced users consider Traeger ironwood to be the best? Or why should it be done? It is described below:

  • The first reason to consider Traeger ironwood as the best is that it is valuable for money. The issue is better observed when comparing the properties and price of Traeger ironwood vs Timberline. Having some additional features makes the Timberline price difference which is not affordable for many.
  • The cooking area of the Ironwood 885 adds another difference between the Trigger Ironwood 885 vs Timberline 850. This grilling machine with two shelves provides more cooking space than Timberline, which is the first demand for extensive batch cooking.
  • Effortless portability, along with the aesthetic design, is another reason to consider the Ironwood 885. Although both grills are relatively heavy, the feature of their wheels makes the task of shifting much more effortless.
  • The last thing you will notice is that ironwood 885 comes with D2 Direct Drive technology for efficient heat distribution. Also, since modern technology like WiFi is used in its control system, there is no question of thinking of alternatives.

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Comparison chart-Traeger ironwood vs Timberline


Timberline 850

Ironwood 885

Item Dimensions

51 x 28 x 45 inches

53 x 27 x 47 inches

Item Weight

213 lbs

175 lbs

Pellet hopper capacity

24 lbs

20 lbs.

Max temperature

500° F

500° F

Grate material

Porcelain-coated steel

Porcelain-coated steel

Side shelf




Rear Exhaust

Rear Exhaust

D2 Direct Drive



Total cooking specs

850 sq. in.

885 sq. in.




Meat Probe



Fuel source

Wood pellets

Wood pellets


Three years limited

Three years limited

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What are the similarities and differences between Traeger ironwood vs Timberline?

Design and Build Quality

Both Traeger ironwood vs Timberline grill machines are pretty popular with the customers due to their functional features, aesthetic design, and strong structure. Adequate temperature and holding capacity with different sizes and weights make these grills the best. Essential features like side shelf, D2 Direct Drive, and Meat Probe are added to the excellent design of these grills.

This highly impressive grill brings great durability so you don’t have to worry about this. The elegant design of the Timberline and Ironwood grills has plenty of space for food, utensils, and rest. With so many features and technology, the grill is not too heavy for its accessible carrying capacity. In this case, their weight is 213 lbs and 175 lbs, respectively. Considering portability and cooking space, most of the time, users prefer Traeger Ironwood 885.

Cooking area and Capacity

The first difference you will notice when comparing Traeger ironwood 885 vs Timberline 850 is their cooking area and capacity. You will see that the number of grilling racks of Timberline 850 is more than ironwood 885. Then naturally, many people think that Timberline has more space. But the funny thing is ironwood 885 offers more space than the Timberline 850. Because the complete cooking specs of Timberline 850 considering the primary and secondary cooking grains is 850 sq. in. , In contrast, ironwood 885 brings 885 sq. in. cooking specs.

Timberline and Ironwood grilling machines come with 24lbs and 20lbs hopper capacity respectively which carries their distinctive features. Because of this high holding capacity, you do not have to spend much time on the same task.

Super Smoke Mode with great temperature 

A common feature of both Traeger ironwood vs Timberline grill is the Super Smoke Mod which allows the best wood flavor in food. This feature is quite effective in increasing smoke production. In addition to this feature, the downdraft exhaust system helps the old smoke escape under the food.

One more thing you need to pay attention to is the temperature to maintain the taste and quality of the food. Surprisingly, Timberline and Ironwood have the same maximum heat output at 500 ° F. These compact grills help you cook on time by providing the right temperature.

Side shelf with easy portability

It is imperative to have a side table while cooking, which will make your cooking work hassle-free. In this case, Traeger ironwood 885 comes with a shelf on the left side of its body which is quite large and comes with three hanging hooks. The Timberline 850 grille is no exception; it offers similar features and has hooks for hanging tools.

Many people think that having a side table causes problems in moving the grill. But this does not apply to Traeger grills, as they come with two large wheels and two small caster wheels that will help the grills move quickly. Although Ironwood and Timberline smokers are heavier in weight, they do not have a problem with portability due to their wheel characteristics. Ironwood is the first choice of the customer in terms of portability due to its relatively lightweight.

Grill Racks and Internal insulation

The Traeger ironwood 885 vs Timberline 850 also has differences in grille rack and internal insulation. The Ironwood 885 grille uses porcelain-coated racks, while the Timberline 850 uses stainless steel racks. There is also quite a difference in the number of shelves. The exterior materials are the same on both grills, but Timberline brings an extra layer of features to improve heat management internally.

Easy to use with technology

Both the Traeger ironwood vs Timberline grills come with WiFire Technology, which allows you to efficiently operate the machine through an app downloaded to a smartphone. Both grills also have a small status display screen with a selection dial. You can easily select options by scrolling through the display screen. 

There are four buttons at the bottom of the screen to choose essential functions like timer, super smoke, keep warm, and menu. You can cook your favorite food using technology without being physically present.

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Traeger Timberline 850

Traeger ironwood vs Timberline


  • Automatically maintains specific cooking temperatures to prevent fuel wastage.
  • There is a Wi-Fi connection for the remote control.
  • Comes with a Super Smoke Mode feature to keep food taste and aroma just right.
  • It has an aesthetic design as well as excellent build quality.
  • There is the use of modern technology.
  • It comes with ample cooking space and a hopper capacity.


  • Relatively expensive.

Traeger Ironwood 885

Traeger ironwood vs Timberline


  • There is an upgraded D2 direct drive to deliver more power and improved smoke.
  • It comes with a TurboTemp feature for faster heating.
  • Its super smoke mode enhances the taste of food.
  • Includes one meat probe, which helps in monitoring the temperature of the internal meat.
  • The downdraft exhaust system ensures smoke exposure to all foods.
  • Sidewall insulation properties are quite effective for improving heat retention by reducing fuel in cold weather.


  • The indirect heat is not hot enough.

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FAQs about Traeger ironwood vs Timberline

Q: What is the warranty of Timberline & Ironwood Grill?

A: These grills come with a 3-year warranty to earn the customer’s trust and repair or maintenance of the product.

Q: What features do these grills have for easy control?

A: In addition to modern technology like D2 Direct Drive and Wi-Fi connection, these grills have many more features that allow them to be easily controlled.

Q: Do these machines have side-shelf features?

A: Yes, both machines have a side-shelf with three hanging hooks to hold extra equipment.

Final Thoughts

Traeger ironwood vs Timberline Review concludes that both Ironwood and Timberline are the best pellet smokers. However, due to its portability and some additional benefits, experts recommend using Traeger Ironwood 885. 

Traeger Ironwood 885 is the first choice of experienced users to choose the best of the two in terms of money. If you are still confused, you can follow the reviews of our other models of grills. Hope you enjoyed the details of the machines from the Traeger ironwood vs Timberline review.


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