Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review – Why should you buy it?

Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review
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Are you thinking of buying a gas grill, charcoal, or the best smoker? Then the Oklahoma joes longhorn combo grill is the right decision for you. It has a unique feature of gas, charcoal, and smoke, for which you have no reason to worry. Stay tuned until the end of the Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review to make your decision easier.

Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review

It is a wood-fired smoker and a gas-powered grill, which is much easier and less painful. In addition, the Oklahoma joe’s longhorn combo grill and smoker has an excellent cooking surface with spacious rooms.

It is the best gas charcoal combo because it has 1,060 square inches of space on the cooking surface. Its main chamber has a 750 square inch initial cooking surface over six porcelain-coated cast-iron grates. The second cooking surface in the firebox chamber is 310 square inches. So now you can put wood or utilize 36000 BTUs gas grilling to get the taste of charcoal and get three gas burners.

On both sides of the cooking chambers, have temperature gauges for accurate monitoring. This grill has some of the best features, so let’s take a look at the Oklahoma joe’s longhorn black triple-function combo grill reviews below.


Noteworthy Features At A Glimpse

There is so much to learn about this best gas charcoal smoker grill combo. Now let’s take a look at its key features.

  • It covers 1,060 square inches across the main chamber and firebox.
  • It has three gas burners and is run by powerful 3x 12,000 BTU burners.
  • It has an electronic auto-ignition startup.
  • It is made of solid stainless steel.
  • There are unique storage shelves for keeping utensils.

Comparison table- Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review


Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Combo

Oklahoma Joe's Highland Reverse Flow


Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Review
Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Review

Item Dimensions LxWxH

74 x 31.5 x 50.6 Inches

33.5 x 57 x 53 inches


204.6 Pounds

180.8 Pounds

Main Chamber

750 sq. Inch

619 sq. Inch

Total Chamber

1060 sq. Inch

900 sq. Inch




Fuel type

Charcoal, propane gas





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What user say about Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review

Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review

Most of the users of the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn grill have a favorable opinion. Consumers prefer advanced and straightforward technology – They undoubtedly said that the effect of its temperature during grilling was tolerable to them.

In addition, the materials of Oklahoma Joe’s longhorn are solid and of the correct dimensions. Another standard feature is the size of the grill area; to cook food for everyone was enough.

Key features of the Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo review

Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review

Well-designed construction

Each part of this best gas grill smoker combo is made of gauge material with stainless steel. There are also porcelain-coated cooking grates that serve on the cooking surface. Dampers are capable of retaining extreme heat.

The wheels are made of steel, capable of overcoming obstacles while moving from one place to another. Both sides of the pier are durable and made of steel. The ingredients on the side shelves are the same and suitable for extra cooking.

Versatile grilling

It’s an opportunity for you to review versatility and how the gas grill stands out from charcoal smokers. The combo grilling is the main focus of it. It has three separate gas burners, each with a BTU level of 12,000. Starter of the charcoal chimney, you will find here side burner with 12,000 BTUs.

Easy to clean

If the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn grill is called the best, there would be no mistake. The reason is that its grilling experience is excellent. You can experience the gas grill, charcoal, and offset smoker in one place, which is much easier for you.

The Baffles series remains the same as other Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn smokers. Although like a gas grill or charcoal, it produces grease differently, it has a grease management system for cleaning, so there is no difficulty. On the other hand, drums have been used in it as a cleaning process.

Grilling facilities

The Oklahoma Joe Combo grill is very convenient and has been brilliantly designed for the user’s convenience. The advantage of using it is the most significant proof of this. You can protect yourself and your hands and fingers from the heat and any discomfort.

The firebox access door facilitates access to the cooking chamber lid. There is auto-ignition at the startup of the flame so that the burners are never tricky or easy to ignite. The storage shelf is a great place to keep utensils under the cooking chamber.


The activities of this combo grill based on different ingredients like smoker, gas grill, and charcoal are pretty satisfactory. Here I will help you to show you some common problems along with other standard grills.

First of all, before cooking, I must tell you that the igniters are located small. But just as common as other grills. So there is nothing to worry about. You can add chips over the side area for the smoker’s performance, but make sure the grates are not inside the smoker area. When using charcoal, the side smoker heats and smokes the charcoal area perfectly without any obstruction.

idealreviewzAlso if you are looking for a more attractive grill considering price and portability then choose yours from Weber q1400 vs q2400.

Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review: Journey

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo ReviewThe founder of Oklahoma Joe started saving in 1987 to create his original 12 smokers. He knew he had something special because they brought it up at the Oklahoma State Fair, and Joe got an order for 100 more.

Joe’s smoking discovery fascinates everyone. Between 1994, Jose and his team grew day by day. Their grill continues to win many grilling competitions, including the American Royal World Championship. Char-Broil bought the company in 1998, and the company has been running for centuries, matching Joe’s design.

 Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo- Pros & Cons


  • Amazing versatile: charcoal grill, propane grill and smoker.
  • Strong frame and wheel.
  • Easy and simple shelves for tools and components.
  • Amazing combination, 3-In-one.
  • Your yard will not be chaotic.


  • Changes are needed to achieve consistent results.
  • Maintenance is required for longevity.

Frequently Asked Question about Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo review

Q: Can it be converted to natural gas?

Ans: It cannot convert to natural gas; its creator has sealed the way to correct it. Natural gas is usually a low-pressure gas, requiring a particular type of large hole. It isn’t easy to find a conversion kit like the one with big holes in the market today.

Q: Does the smoker box pass the smoke into the charcoal box?

Ans: Fireboxes and charcoal grills are usually attached. As a result, the gas grill is separate so that the smoker does not have to go through it.

Final word

So what benefits will the gas charcoal smoker combo give you? It has separate chambers for smoking, gas grilling, and a side burner for offset fireboxes which is very advanced. Three combinations make your time more manageable. In a word, the 3 in 1 combination gives you tolerance. It will help you have a smoky barbecue party on the weekends and at other dinners.

In conclusion of the Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review, we can say that its other features are perfect and comfortable, such as its electronic ignition, temperature gauge, porcelain-coated grate, and heavy construction.

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