Ninja cp301 vs cp307 [Reviews and Comparison]

Ninja cp301 vs cp307
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A good cup of coffee or tea will help you get through your daily errands as efficiently as possible. No matter how hectic your schedule is, there’s always time for a cup of coffee or tea to lift your spirits and replenish your energy.

With the Ninja cp301 vs cp307 Hot and Cold Brew System, you can choose how you like your coffee and which appliance provides it.

Ninja coffee maker reviews always have a large online following. Many customers consider this model to be the best of all the coffee machines in terms of versatility and performance.

You will most likely enjoy these fantastic coffee brewers with limitless functions so that you can have your favorite beverage, rich in flavor and smooth in texture. With the Ninja CP301 and CP307, you only have to worry about one thing: whether you want coffee or tea.

This ninja cp301 vs ninja cp307 review will assist you in deciding between these coffee machines. A side-by-side comparison of both is provided below. Simply stick with us until the end and make a wise decision.

What are the similarities between Ninja cp301 vs cp307 Coffee machines?

Compatibility with brewing

Adaptability is essential for coffee makers, Because different types of beverages, cup sizes, and amounts are required at different times.

The CP301 and CP307 are both adaptable when it comes to serving sizes. Either one can produce individual cups or large 10-cup carafes.

Put another way, you can make a large pot of coffee when you need to serve a large group of people or a small cup when you only need something for yourself.

The simple truth is that you can select and brew accordingly.

Fold-Away Milk Frothers

The frother converts milk into a smooth froth or milk foam, which can be used to make various types of coffee. If you like creamy lattes, cappuccinos, or macchiatos, they all have one similar theme: they have a frothy topping, so a frother is required to make this type of coffee and tea.

The fact that they’re all topped with varying amounts of milk foam is one thing they all have in common. With these Ninja machines, your control panel is to the right and can make this smooth and delicious foam right in your kitchen.

The best part about the frothers is that you can fold them in after you’ve used them. It maintains a streamlined design and does not require additional space. Furthermore, their lightweight makes them easy to transport.

Smart Basket Recognition

Similarly, you’ll appreciate having a coffee maker that isn’t just for coffee.

With the smart basket recognition system for brewing coffee or tea, you have an infinite number of options. The intelligent system recognizes the basket in use and automatically displays the coffee or tea drink options right where you can see them, eliminating the need to search through the settings.

When you put one in the coffee maker, it detects which basket is being used and displays the appropriate brewing features for tea or coffee.

You won’t have to sift through obscure settings buttons or dials. Everything you require will display right in front of you.

Removable Water Reservoirs

The size and technique of refilling your coffee machine impact its use. With removable reservoirs, the CP301 and CP307 make water refilling a breeze. Both devices have a 60-ounce coffee capacity, which means they can brew 12 cups of coffee before they run out. When the coffee maker runs out of water, simply remove the tank and pour it wherever it is most useful.

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Aside from water refills, removable tanks make machine cleaning easier. Instead of moving the entire coffee maker for cleaning, you can remove the tank and clean it individually.

What are the differences between Ninja cp307 vs cp301 Coffee machines?

Design and usability

There aren’t many differences between the Ninja CP307 and CP301 designs. Both offer a clean and elegant style that will catch the eye of everyone walking into your kitchen. A big brewer that brews straight into a cup is to the left, and the right is a control panel.

Let’s go into more specifics. 

Both variants are the same size (9.5 x 11 x 15 inches) and weight (11 pounds). As coffee makers, they appear to be fairly light and small. You can rest assured that both the Ninja CP301 and CP307 will fit comfortably in your kitchen. 


Ninja hot and cold-brewed system cp301 vs cp307 coffee machines have the same 50-ounce capacity. Both can brew sweet coffee or tea in less than ten minutes. Great!

However, each model has a distinct sort of carafe. The 301 comes with a glass carafe, while the rival has a thermal carafe. Your preference will determine whether you choose a thermal or a glass carafe. 

Carafe Thermal

Now, let’s speak about the CP307’s thermal carafe, the only visible variation between the CP301 and CP307 models. On the other hand, The Ninja CP301 features a glass carafe.

If you don’t hold your coffee for more than two hours, the thermal carafe is the ideal solution. The carafe will keep the coffee quality and progressively lose heat.

However, the coffee maker has a disadvantage when holding the coffee for an extended period. The coffee has lost all of its warmth.  On the other hand, Glass carafes lose some flavor but keep your coffee hot for long.

Accessories and Features

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System CP301 vs CP307 cannot be chosen solely on features. Because they are from the same series, they share the same set of features and accessories.

Both devices have fold-away milk frothers and retractable water reservoirs, making them extremely convenient. To be more specific, the built-in milk frother allows you to generate exquisite milk foam effortlessly. Meanwhile, the portable water tank simplifies refilling and cleaning.

Furthermore, the Ninja cp301 vs cp307 can brew tea and coffee in various styles, including classic, rich, over ice, cold brew, and specialty. Herbal, black, oolong, white, and green teas are examples of tea brews.

There’s no need to be concerned about the intricate settings. Each maker utilizes a separate basket to hold coffee and tea, and the basket recognition technology detects the precise basket being filled and displays the appropriate tea or coffee alternatives. 

Why Is the Ninja CP301 So Valuable?

Ninja CP301 Coffee maker
  • The Ninja CP301 delivers coffee and tea excellently while keeping quality, taste, and authenticity.
  • The device can make various coffees, from a single-serve (just with grounds) to a travel cup and a full carafe.
  • Its technology knows whether you have placed a basket for coffee or tea and immediately displays drink alternatives.
  • Several features and options are available on the user-friendly interface, including a digital timer.
  • The CP307 also has a thermal carafe, which is ideal for keeping your coffee warm for a short period. However, in the long run, the CP301 glass carafe is superior.

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Comparison table- ninja hot and cold brewed system cp301 vs cp307

Are you perplexed by the distinction between the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System CP301 vs CP307? In this comparison, we’ll pit the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System CP301 against the Ninja CP307.


Ninja CP301

Ninja CP307



11.8 x 10 x 15 (LWH)

11.8 x 10 x 15 (LWH)


 11.9 pounds

11.73 pounds

Carafe Type



Carafe Size

50 ounce

50 ounce

Display & Controls



Programmable Delay Brew



Brew Time

10-15 minutes

10-15 minutes

Permanent Filter

coffee & Tea

coffee & Tea

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Pros And Cons

Ninja CP301 Coffee maker


  • Five coffee and tea brewing methods.
  • It has a Hot and cold frother that folds away.
  • Removable water reservoir.


  • The reservoir is small.

Ninja CP307 Coffee maker


  • Elegant and trendy design
  • Hot and cold frothers with a fold-away design
  • Versatile brewing styles.
  • There are several adjustment choices.


  • Reservoirs of limited size.

How do you clean Ninja cp301 and cp307?

Cleaning is a key component for coffee makers, and cleaning may sometimes extend their life. Cleaning this coffee maker may appear to be a difficult task to some, but it is not. It features a clean button that greatly aids in cleaning. Here are some cleaning measures you may do while cleaning your Ninja CP307 and CP301 hot and cold-brewed systems.

It’s important to note that you’ll need liquid soap or white vinegar, as well as some hot water.

  • To begin with, if you’re going to use white vinegar, fill the water reservoir to 16oz with white vinegar and add some liquid soap if you’re using it.
  • Next, fill the water reservoir to the top.
  • Then, insert an empty carafe and pick the full carafe size.
  • Finally, hit the clean button to begin the cleaning procedure.

It will take 60 minutes to clean thoroughly, and You should not remove the carafe unit during this period. When the cleaning cycle is complete, the clean button light turns off; After that, try brewing a full carafe of classic brew with only water.

Which one should you buy, CP301 or CP307?

One thing is evident from the preceding discussion: both NinjawayNoes are fantastic. Surprisingly, they have many similarities in characteristics, look, and performance.

If you require carafe brewing and will only hold your coffee for two hours or less, the Ninja CP307 is unquestionably a superior alternative. However, when all factors are considered, particularly the price, I strongly suggest the CP301 model.

On the other hand, if you frequently make pots of coffee to serve parties or drink alone over many hours, the CP307’s heated carafe will come in handy. 

FAQs About ninja cp301 vs cp307

Q: Is there a hot plate on the Ninja CP307?

No, the Ninja CP307 lacks a hot plate in favor of a double-walled thermal carafe. The thermal carafe retains the heat of your coffee while gradually releasing it.

Q: Can I use any sort of coffee with these models?

Since it does not mill the beans, medium ground coffee is suggested.

Q: How long does it take to make a carafe?

A full carafe takes little more than 10 minutes to brew.

Q: Is there a book of drink recipes included?

Yes, you will receive a cookbook with recipes for popular beverages.

Q: Can I use the kettle to make a hot pot of water like that?

Yes, it can run a water-only brew. Simply ensure that no tea or coffee grounds are present in the machine.


The Ninja CP301 vs CP307 comparison has concluded. No product will win or lose in this competition because they are identical in almost every manner. The only distinction is between a thermal and a glass carafe, and which one you choose is totally up to you.

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