Ninja ce201 vs ce251 [Reviews and comparison]

ninja ce201 vs ce251
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The best way to make your morning fresh and productive, there can be no substitute for a cup of coffee. That is the reason people are highly seeking a great quality coffee maker which can fulfill their needs. Ninja CE201 vs CE251 coffee makers are among the best pieces of equipment that can provide you with a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

A major reason for people’s trust in this brand is its versatility. Ninja 12 cup programmable brewer allows you to enjoy the versatility of a cup of coffee without having to deal with the hassle of four different machines. Ninja CE201 and CE251 Coffee Maker both have this as a feature. Both have several identical features, such as built-in programmable coffee makers with either classic or rich brew settings. By using this feature, people can select a cup of coffee that perfectly suits their tastes.

Please see the following paragraph for a more detailed overview.

First Impressions: ninja ce201 review

  • Brewing technology: An advanced boiler that keeps your coffee perfectly hot
  • Start your day with a hot cup of coffee by programmable preparing your brew 24 hours in advance
  • utilizing the adjustable warming plate to maintain the coffee’s freshness and flavor for up to 4 hours
  • Fill the 60 Ounces removable water reservoir at your sink using the handy handle
  • Before the brew is complete, pause mid-brew to enjoy a cup of coffee
  • Use the Small Batch function when brewing a small amount of coffee (1 to 4 cups), to ensure your coffee isn’t diluted
  • The gold-tone permanent coffee filter saves money by eliminating the need for a paper water filter
  • This item comes with a 12 cup glass carafe, a Ninja integrated scoop, an optional water reservoir, and a permanent filter

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First Impressions: ninja ce251 review

ninja ce201 vs ce251

  • Hot expert brewing technology delivers stronger, richer, and more balanced coffee flavors.
  • Warm coffee to wake you up in the morning. You can make your brew a day in advance with the 24-hour programmable delay brew
  • The 60-ounce removable water reservoir can be carried directly to your sink for easy filling.
  • A warming plate that adjusts in temperature will maintain coffee freshness and flavor for up to four hours
  • Whether classic or rich, each brew is flavor-ful and never bitter, and you can customize the strength for your unique taste
  • Included with a permanent filter
  • A mid-brew pause allows for faster consumption of coffee and a longer extraction period.
  • Using the automatic clean function makes cleaning easier and faster

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Comparison chart- ninja ce201 vs ce251

Here we have provided a table that will quickly show the differences between ninja ce251 vs ce201 for the convenience of our readers.


Ninja CE201

Ninja CE251


Item dimension (WxDxH)

8.74x9.94x14.61 inches

9.96x10.55x14.61 inches

Item weight

6.5 pounds

7 pounds

Human interface input



Cup capacity




Black, stainless steel

Black, stainless steel

Water Tank Capacity

60 oz

60 oz

Programmable Brewing



Reusable Filter



Brew pause system



Comfortable for uses



Best for

Durable materials

Advance boiler





Plastic, Metal, Rubber



One year

One year

Todays Best Deal

Why should you consider Ninja CE201?

Concerning the Ninja CE251 vs CE201, they are both much more standard and convenient at this price point. The machine can brew small and large batches, so you can brew enough to serve a group or enough just to satisfy your caffeine cravings. Both can even be programmed to brew a cup up to 24 hours in advance. Hence, they are the most suitable choice for home users wishing to have a convenient and easy coffee machine.

Therefore, which one should you choose, the ninja ce251 programmable brewer or the CE201? As they are almost identical, it’s a little bit harder to decide. I think Ninja CE201 will be a great choice for you. For those who are concerned with materials, the CE201 may be best as it includes metal and rubber components as well as plastic. Plastic appliances are usually not liked by many, so that might be important to you.

Also, if you’re looking for a more compact design, you may want to consider the CE201. In a crowded kitchen, it can be beneficial to choose the CE201.

The coffee makers are identical on all other levels, however. Either one or any combination of these functions will give you the same level of performance. It is therefore impossible to recommend one over the other. It depends on your preference.

Similarities between ninja ce201 vs ce251 Coffee Machine

Programmable Brewing system

CE251 vs CE201 both ninja 12 cup programmable brewers come with a combination hot and cold brew system that lets you prepare fresh and authentic coffee and tea in only 10 minutes. It saves you time to not spend it making coffee in the morning by using these Ninja brewers. The coffee machines both have programmable brewing capabilities, which means you can program them to brew carafes up to 24 hours in advance.

So, you can put in your ground coffee and water just before going to bed, and then your machine will brew. You may be surprised by the smell of freshly brewed coffee in your house the next morning if you set the brewing time the night before. This means you won’t have to rush to make it in the morning.

The device delivers accurate coffee temperatures within a short period and does not produce bitter or burned coffee. It provides a brew basket to make brewing more convenient. To make a delicious cup of coffee, this measuring scoop allows you to measure the appropriate amount of coffee, milk, and other ingredients.

The capacity of the water tank

The water tank is one of the vital components of an espresso machine. Both these Ninja  12 cup programmable coffee brewers have 60-ounce water tanks. Consequently, both produce 12 cups before they need to be refilled, which is a good size.

Removable Water Tank

It is wonderful that this ninja ce251 vs ce201 also has a feature for your convenience. The water tank can be removed easily. That’s why it is so handy that the water tank can be removed. It’s easy to refill your tank by just pulling it out and carrying it to the sink.

Brew Pause System

Unfortunately, coffee from carafes does not brew instantly. Some may find it frustrating to have to wait longer than several minutes for an entire pot of coffee to be prepared by a coffee machine.

The Ninja CE201 vs CE251 both are included with a brew-pause function. As the brewing process progresses, you can use the pause function to stop the liquid flow, pour yourself a cup, and then restart once the carafe is reinstalled.

The perfect way to start your morning when you can’t wait to drink your first cup of coffee.

Permanent Filters

A coffee maker used to require you to buy tons of paper filters, particularly if you used them every day. It could end up costing you a lot of money and resulting in waste as you are forced to throw the grounds-filled papers away over time.

Neither CE251 nor CE201 requires you to purchase a large number of paper filters. The permanent filters come with every one of them, so you can keep using them over and over again.

Differences Between ninja ce251 vs ce201 Coffee Machine

Built Materials

If we take a deep look at both ninja 12 cup programmable coffee brewers, there is not much difference between the two. But if we talk about the built material of these ce201 vs ce251 ninja 12 cup programmable brewers. The ninja ce251 programmable brewer is mostly built with plastic. It will feel lighter due to this, but some might not be enthusiastic about it due to durability concerns.

On the other hand, the ninja CE201 review said that it is made by combo with plastic metal and rubber which feel more premium and long-lasting. 


In terms of size, the CE201 is a little bit smaller than the CE251. This could make a significant difference for people who have very small space. The difference between the two, however, is so minimal that most people won’t notice it.

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Ninja CE201 Coffee machine


  • The perfect coffee maker that is stylish, modern, and elegant
  • This machine combines ease of use with sophisticated features for an unforgettable coffee
  • A variety of controls provide rich and delicious coffee
  • A 24-hour brew program is available
  • Brew larger amounts of coffee at one time


  • This version lacks a thermal cafe.

Ninja CE251 Coffee machine


  • Its design makes coffee brewing easy, convenient, and intuitive
  • it adds a kick with the strength control
  • Better coffee with a hot function that’s hotter, richer, and deeper
  • The capability to brew smaller quantities of coffee
  • Carafe with a 60 oz capacity for less frequent refilling


  • Plastic and aluminum are the main components
  • There is no easy way to replace the carafes

Frequently Asked Questions about – ce201 vs ce251

Q: How long does it typically take to brew coffee in this coffee pot, and how often should it be cleaned.

A: The brewing process for a full carafe takes 12-15 minutes. We recommend running the clean cycle if you are experiencing problems or need more time.

Q: Does any of the ninja 12 cup programmable coffee brewer models come with a digital display?

A: The ninja ce251 vs ce201 does not have a digital display.

Ultimate Adjudication

It’s time to conclude my comparison between Ninja CE201 vs CE251. There is no clear winner, both products have advantages. The CE201 is the winner in terms of design, while the ninja ce251 programmable brewer wins when it comes to features. It’s difficult to discern the differences, however. As for me, I prefer the CE201 because it offers a solid feel.

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