Broil King Baron 440 Review-What attracted the users most?

Broil King Baron 440 Review-What attracted the users most?
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Have a big party at home but worried about how can do everything.? To solve such problems efficiently, you can use Broil King Baron 440 Gas Grill. This premium gas grill is a great invention of the Broil King brand.

There can be nothing better than the Broil King Baron 440 for an excellent grill experience with great kebab flavors and versatile cooking. At your fingertips, this grill brings functional features as well as a massive kitchen for close friends or extended family. This affordable grill can retain heat for a long time to maintain the taste and quality of food. It is one of the best outdoor grills as it can cook all the dishes of choice, including meat, thoroughly and adequately. Its burners also work perfectly to produce heat suitable for fast cooking.

If you are thinking of having a good experience with this Broil King Baron 440  grill, pay attention to the end of the review. Here The main features of this grill are discussed in detail and the experience of the users. You can also understand ​​the similarities and differences between the Weber Spirit II E-310 and the Baron 440 grille from their comparative discussions, which will help you make a clear decision about Baron 440.

Noticeable Key Features Of Broil King Baron 440 gas grill

  • This grill has a total of 644 Sq.in cooking space to cook food for lots of people, where the primary cooking space is 444 Sq.in.
  • It comes with four stainless steel dual-tube burners to distribute 40,000 BTU of heat for maximum output.
  • A sure-lite electronic ignition system helps to increase the efficiency of this grill.
  • It has High-power grates to retain heat.
  • A stainless steel flare and wave cooking system reduce the burning sensation of cooking.

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Comparison of Broil king baron 440 and Weber Spirit II E-310

The Broil King Baron 440 review compared the features of Baron 440 and Weber Spirit II E-310 to make your grill selection decision easier.


Broil King Baron 440

Weber Spirit II E-310

Product Dimension

57x24x45.5 inches

52x27x44.5 inches

Item Weight

154 pound

124.8 pound


40,000 BTU 

30,000 BTU

Total cooking space

644 square inches

529 square inches

Primary cooking space

444 square inches 

424 square inches

Tube Burners

Four burners

Three burners

Side Burners




Liquid propane gas

Liquid Propane gas

Burners material

stainless steel 

stainless steel 


Ten years 

Ten years 

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What users are saying about Broil king baron 440?

Most users find the Broil king baron 440 convenient for having a perfect and bright grill experience. This grill has a 4.1-star rating on Amazon for its unique features, proving that most users are satisfied with this grill. Many users or experts recommend using a propane gas grill more than a charcoal grill.

Grill lovers put it at the top of their favorites list because of its easy portability, fast, and high cooking ability. A notable aspect of this is expanding the cooking space with side burners, which help you take all kinds of food and meat. This grill has a strong structure, size, number of burners, functionality, portability, ease of use, and cleanliness, all of which are ideal for your cooking. Although the parts of this grill are not easy to assemble, the manual that comes with it will help you work.

Based on the overall review, experts say that this grill will help you have a good experience if you are interested in regular grilling.

Key features of Broil king baron 440

Broil king baron 440

Perfect design

Attractive design and impressive features make this grilling machine quite popular among customers. In addition to the perfect design, everything from stainless cook boxes to fold-down shelves, closed carts, castor wheels, and doors are admirable and functional for providing good cooking on this machine.

This is an ideal grill for more and faster cooking due to ample space and a large number of burners. There are also some more features, including a tool hook for hanging the necessary tools that don’t detract from anything during your cooking.

Proper heat control and distribution

The first thing that catches the eye to distribute the heat properly is the linear-flow valves. It has 180-degree  sensing -touch control knobs, which control the heat. In addition to maintaining the quality of cooking, the Flavor-Wave cooking system protects the burner from steam water. It also comes with a deluxe acu-temp thermometer to check the accuracy of temperature during cooking.

Fuel source & ignition system

Broil King Baron 440 is a liquid propane gas grill and comes with many additional features. A statistic shows that about 64% of the American population uses gas grills and the rest have a charcoal grill. Gas grills are convenient to use, easy to wash & give a much better taste than the charcoal grill. 

As we have mentioned earlier, It is one of the sure-lite electronic ignition systems. Although the cost of an electronic ignition system is comparatively higher it provides us with good services. Besides, it helps to increase fuel efficiency. Such a system emits less fuel and requires less maintenance which is optimal for you.

Number of Burners

This gas grill is made of high-quality stainless steel and its strongest part is the patented dual tube burner. The burners are efficiently designed to deliver heat perfectly. Also, the expanded cooking space with the help of a side burner allows cooking something extra including meat.


Increasing the performance of a grilling machine requires a spacious cooking space, adequate temperature, easy-to-carry with wheels, easy control, and cleaning, all of which are featured in the Baron 440 grill. In addition to the strong structure, the use and control of temperature make the grill effective for users.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Broil king baron 440

Q: Can Broil King’s covers be bought if they are damaged?

A: Of course you will find that these covers are being sold individually by the manufacturing company USA.

Q: Will its grids be sustainable?

A: Its grids are made of durable iron, which is rust-free and comes with good performance with maximum flame.

Q: Will the heat be supplied throughout the grill?

A: Yes, the stainless steel cooking system provides superior heat distribution across the entire surface of the grill.

Q: Does this grill offer extra working space?

A: It has stainless steel shelves on its corner which helps the users to keep any necessary ingredients if they need them. 

Q: Does this grill provide a warranty?

A: Broil King has much confidence about their products’ quality so they provide excellent guarantee provisions. They offer a lifetime warranty on the cast aluminum components and 10 years on a Dual-Tube burner system whereas they provide 3 years on Stainless Steel Flav-R-Wave cooking system. Besides, they also provide 2 years on other parts and paint.

Final Verdict

After a long competitive discussion, ultimately we can say that Broil King Baron 440 is a well-constructed and spacious grill that is easy to use. It has gained much acceptance among the people for its efficient features of Broil King. 

For sure, any grill lover will be satisfied with the performance of this grill. If you need a different featured or more spacious grill, you can check out our subsequent reviews. Hopefully, you have benefited from getting all your unknown information from Broil King Baron 440 reviews.

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